Your Wisconsin Drive-in Theater Weather Page

      This page is for you to check on the current weather conditions at your local Wisconsin drive-in theater. It will give you a great view of what to expect so you can decide on what you may need to bring to the drive-in. Lawn chairs, blankets etc. 

Remember folks, no matter what the weather may bring...

Your local WI drive-in theater will be open ---
Rain or Shine!!

      Please look at each weather box to see what the current weather says for that area where the drive-in is located.

Stardust Drive-in Theater - Chetek, WI

Chetek Weather Forecast, WI


Twilight Outdoor Theater - Chilton, WI

Chilton Weather Forecast, WI


Gemini Drive-in Theater - Eau Claire, WI

Eau Claire Weather Forecast, WI


Skyway Drive-in Theater - Ephraim, WI

Ephraim Weather Forecast, WI


Field of Scenes Drive-in Theater - Freedom, WI

Freedom Weather Forecast, WI


18 Outdoor Theater - Jefferson, WI

Jefferson Weather Forecast, WI


Keno Drive-in Theater - Pleasant Prairie, WI

Pleasant Prairie Weather Forecast, WI


Sky-Vu Drive-in Theater - Monroe, WI

Monroe Weather Forecast, WI


Moonlight Outdoor Theater - Shawano, WI

Shawano Weather Forecast, WI


Starlite 14 Drive-in Theater - Richland Center, WI

Richland Center Weather Forecast, WI


Big Sky Drive-in Theater - Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wisconsin Dells Weather Forecast, WI