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In memory of:

Frank P. Zeidler


     Frank P. Zeidler passed away on Friday evening, July 7th, 2006.  He was Milwaukee's mayor from 1948-1960 during a time of great change for the city.  America's last Socialist mayor of a major U.S. city, Mr. Zeidler was a living, vibrant part of the Milwaukee community for 93 years.  He never tired of helping others and promoting issues that he felt vital to the people of Milwaukee.  In a sense, you could have called him your friend.  As it relates to Wisconsin drive-in theaters, Mr. Zeidler as Mayor of Milwaukee, cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening ceremonies of two local drive-in theaters.  The 41 Twin Outdoor (1948) which was located in Franklin, WI and the Starlite Drive-in (1955) which was opened in Menomonee Falls, WI.  I had the great privilege of interviewing him twice in the past few years.  The first time I contacted Mr. Zeidler was in June of 2001 for a audio tape interview on his remembrances of the grand opening ceremonies.  He happily obliged my request.  I then contacted Mr. Zeidler in December of 2003 for a video tape interview on the same subject for my documentary on the 41 Twin Outdoor.  Once again, he stepped forward to help an average guy add that special touch to a ongoing film documentary. My two relatively brief encounters with Mr. Zeidler will be with me for a lifetime.  I am sure that I speak for many people in that Mr. Zeidler will truly be missed.  A link to Milwaukee's historical past has been broken.  May you rest in peace, dear friend. 

      2008 marked the 75th anniversary of the first drive-in theater built in Camden, NJ.  It opened on June 6, 1933.  Many thanks to Richard Hollingshead Jr. for coming up with the concept of the drive-in theater.  Where memories are made!



Big Sky Drive-in Theatre
In Loving Memory of Don and Dorothy LeGros
Proud Owners of the Big Sky Drive-in since 1980

Donald G. :LeGros
August 31, 1932 - September 28, 2010

Dorothy A. LeGros
July 7, 1934 - July 22, 2011