Drive-in Theater Memorabilia Sale


I have 4 rare drive-in theater items that are here for your viewing pleasure. All items are for sale as I am looking to trim down my collection. The dates for all these frames are included in the frame itself. All these items are for preferred LOCAL PICKUP. Special shipping could be arranged. I would have UPS pack them but still prefer if you can pick up the items in person. AND when paying, please pay in cash when picking up in person. Otherwise checks have to clear before anything can be picked up or shipped. AND, I would have to get the item packaged for shipping to find out what the shipping costs would be to add to the total. These items are all in frames with glass and I don't want to take a chance on them getting damaged. Anything that is shipped would have to be insured. And ALL shipping and handling costs would have to be paid by the buyer. Take a look at what I have to offer and email me any questions you might have. Or call me, but please no calls after 8pm Central Time. Go to my contact me page for email and phone number information. Please contact me to see if the item you want is still available. All items are professionally framed. I am only trying to get back some of the cost for what I paid for the item framed and the professional framing that was done, nothing more. (sorry the pictures I took below aren't completely perfect but were shot just to give you an idea of how the frame looks.)

1. The first item for sale is a large frame that contains the Grand Opening full page ad for a drive-in theater that would later become known as the Mohawk Drive-in. This ad is from June 1, 1946 and was located in Albany, NY. This earlier grand opening ad also comes with small articles announcing the grand opening and the day after article about the opening the night before. Note here that the small article about the grand opening the night before has a very small sliver of the article covered because of the matting used for the framing.part of the article. It isn't too distracting at all but I didn't notice it in time to have it fixed. I had this frame hanging on the door so you have an idea of how big it is.

Size is 31" H X 26 1/2" W

Price - $130.00


2. The ad for this frame is the day before the Grand Opening of Sparks Drive-in Theater which was located in Tampa, FL. The frame includes congratulatory ads from various vendors that helped build the drive-in. Also in the frame is an article about the drive-in with a few pictures of the theater included. The date on the article is from April 4, 1941.

Size is 24 1/2" H X 19" W

Price - $110


3. This frame is a real piece of drive-in history. Up for sale is a Pre-Grand Opening Ad for a drive-in theater that was built in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But this is rare because the ad dates from May 28, 1939! Any drive-in theater memorabilia from the 1930's is rare and here is your chance to own a pre-grand opening ad from a drive-in opened in the 30's. Included in this frame are congratulatory ads from vendors and contractors that helped build the drive-in.

Size is 17" W X 14" H

Price is $160.00



Contact information:

Charles Bruss
3453 So. 80th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53219