Drive-in Theater Related Videos

     On this page you will find some of my favorite drive-in theater related video clips, short documentaries, and intermission trailers.  I hope some of these videos will bring back memories for you as they did for me.  If you see something that I don't have, please let me know and maybe I can add it in the future.   Remember to have your sound turned on and enjoy a trip down memory lane!


1959 Remco Drive-in Movie Theater Commercial

Skyway Drive-In Movie Theater - Door County WI Travel Show

Drive-in Nights

Full 10 minute Intermission Trailer - "Dancing Hot Dog"

Drive-in scene from Grease - "Sandy"

Pic Mosquito Trailer

1976 Columbia Pictures trailer for the release of "Drive-in."

Hwy 18 Outdoor Theatre - Jefferson, WI video tour.

Doctor Ivan Cryptosis, Pitchman for the Highway 18 Drive In Theater

Field of Scenes Drive-in - Freedom, WI