This page is dedicated to the preservation of drive-in theater artifacts that I believe have historical significance.  These artifacts may include anything from drive-in theater flyers to posters, ticket stubs and the like.  Usually a piece of advertising for a local drive-in theater.  Of course one main criteria is that the piece has to be pretty rare and most likely a one-of-a-kind item.  Also, the age of the item must be from 1933-1939.  I consider these the rare years for drive-in theaters as there were only about 95 drive-ins in the entire country by the start of World War II.  So sit back and let's take a trip through time and look at some long forgotten pieces of early drive-in history.

July 17, 1933 - Camden, NJ Envelope Cover

June 30, 1935 - Pico Drive-in Theatre Flyer

July 10, 1938 - Miami Drive-in Theatre Flyer

September 9, 1939 - Shrewsbury Drive-in Theatre Flyer

1939 Weymouth Drive-in Theatre Matchbook Cover